Crisis Intervention

The Goal of the Banner of Love is to purchase a Family Recovery Center where families will be able to find love and support during this difficult time.  At present we are renting space at a local establishment which offers conference rooms.  We are holding twice-monthly parent support groups as a well as a monthly sibling group who are desirous of increasing the number of groups held monthly.

The purpose of the center will be multifaceted.  Not only will it provide support groups for those trying to work through grief after loss, but will have Intensive Outpatient Therapy for those trapped in active addiction by a Master level specialist licensed in addiction and trauma. In addition to this, wellness care can be provided by a Family Nurse Practitioner, who can offer care to families who have little or no insurance during the grieving process as well as for families prior to entrance into treatment detoxification units and after care.

Within the building, a memorial wall with engraved name plates of all the lives lost to a substance related death in their loving memory.  Our long term goal for this building will be an area with transitional beds for those seeking further care post-detox treatment. We cannot reach this goal without your help.  This center will also provide space where our Acts of Love may be created for family members who have lost a loved one. It will allow famly members to participate in helping, giving them purpose and keeping  the memory of their loved one alive by touching another broken heart with LOVE!

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