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7th Annual Walk of Love




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Our main goal is to provide grief support to families suffering this devastating loss. We also provided crisis intervention at the time of loss.

Acts of Love

View Our Acts of Love page. We support families at the time of their loss as well as through the greiving process. Your donation will allow us to support and love these families at their greatest hour of need. It is an act of love. Families are not charged.

Memorial wall
Joseph B. Delmonico
11/23/1985 – 06/23/2016

Our son was respected and loved as a hero in one War and we will make sure he’s honored in the present one that is waging against this generation! We will proudly add him to the “Banner of Love” for this this Nation in which he served.

Joseph…there was never a time through this Disease that we could not see your true beautiful soul. You were and are pure unconditional love.

We miss you,
Dad, Mom, and Allie

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